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Abja Advisory is a contemporary multi-disciplinary consultancy firm specialising in providing Legal and Tax Solutions. We help organisations navigate through the complexities of legal and regulatory frameworks, enabling them to scale operations, accelerate innovation, drive efficiencies, and expand expertise, to better focus on their core competencies.

Abja offers tailored solutions and compliance expertise in sectors that involve technology, internet, media, entertainment, education, space, politics, art, fashion, and sports. Our team of experienced lawyers and tax experts have a deep understanding of the challenges faced by startups and companies in these fields, and we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals. Whether it's helping a startup protect its intellectual property, negotiating complex mergers or acquisitions, or navigating the complexities of data protection and privacy laws, Abja is dedicated to providing effective, practical solution.

We embrace the convergence of exponential shifts in technology, and seek to collaborate with organisations engaged in software development, e-commerce, biotechnology devices, mobile applications, financial technology, Internet-of-Things, blockchain, virtual currencies, artificial intelligence, healthcare & medical tech, education tech, virtual reality, NFTs, unmanned aircraft systems and in individual segments such as intellectual property, domain name disputes, cyber-security, telecommunications, media, data protection, and privacy laws.

Image by Touann Gatouillat Vergos
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